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The extreme-info distribution list is a low volume mailing list to be used to inform list members of club events and deadlines.  Anyone may join the extreme-info list.  However, messages posted to the list are at the discretion of the list moderators.
The list moderators will ensure that only appropriate messages are posted.  Only club events and deadline announcements will be posted. Email addresses will be kept private as per the privacy policy on the server.

Note! If you have signed up as a member this year and provided the club with your email address, you should automatically be on the new mailing list. If you are also on the extreme-info distribution list, you will end up receiving two emails. If this happens, simply unsubscribe from extreme-info.

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The Ski Extreme Club is open to everyone.  We do not have any restrictions regarding where you work or what organization you are part of. So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!!