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Welcome to Ski Extreme's Online Membership!

With our online system you can easily
  • register as a member of Ski Extreme
  • sign up for trips
  • sign up for lessons
  • sign up for dryland
  • order Ski Max, Ski Extra and Warren Miller tickets

    If you were not a member of Ski Extreme for the 2004-2005 season, you have not been assigned a username and password. YOU MUST REGISTER FIRST before you can access the online system. Any family members must also be registered individually.

    For Past Members Only (2004-2005 or 2005-2006):

    If you WERE A MEMBER LAST YEAR for the 04-05 or 05-06 season then click

  • If you know your user name and password, click

  • If you have family members who were registered last season, you can renew them once you are logged on using the 'Update Member' option from the membership menu. Follow the instructions from there to have any missing members linked to your account. New members must still be registered separately first before they can be linked!
  • For Reps Only:

    You should already be in the system and can gain access to your online membership. Check the current Rep List to see if you appear. If you show on this list, click on the Get My Password button below to access your membership for the first time, using your email address. If you are not currently showing on the rep list, check with Diane.

  • If you know your user name and password, click

  • If you are signing up as a member of Ski Extreme for the first time, click

    to sign up as a new member. to sign on now.

  • If you are already a member this year and have forgotten your user name and/or password

    and instructions will be sent to you via your email address.
    NOTE! If you have not already been signed up this year you will not
    have a user name/password yet. Register online, via a rep or by mail.

  • If a club representative has signed you up on your behalf, and you wish to access your online membership, then click

    and instructions will be sent to you via your email address.

    Problems? You have a few options depending on the issue.

    • If you are having technical problems with the online membership, and you are logged on, you can send a private message to the site administrator, Dave McGrath (skicdave). Alternatively send him an email at
    • Comments on our new online system, as well as suggestions can also be posted in the 'Site Comments & Suggestions' forum.
    • If you have a problem specific to Ski Extreme or your membership, such as changes to a trip you have signed up, questions about the club, trips, lessons, tickets, reps etc, then direct them to Diane Poitras at
    • To contact Diane Poitras directly, email her at
    • To contact Maureen Egan directly, email her at
    • General comments or suggestions can be directed to

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